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4.4 Effects of Om Meditation

If one wants to meditate using Om, and risk the injury described in the next section, then the typical procedure seems to be the following: Lie down comfortably on a bed—preferably at night before sleeping. The room should be quiet. Then, close the eyes and mentally repeat the sound Om over and over, at whatever seems like a normal pace; do not say the sound aloud. Avoid stray thoughts, and try not to feel the body. Although movement should be avoided, move if it will correct any physical discomfort. During the meditation, the attention has to settle somewhere, and a good place to focus the attention is the center of the forehead.

There is no guarantee that the use of Om will produce results. The results of Om meditation have a high threshold. A single sounding of Om is useless. Instead, it must be repeated many times. Many hours of using Om, spread over many days, may be necessary before there are any results. The following are some of the effects that may result from Om meditation:

  1. Upon waking from sleep, there is an enhanced clarity and frequency of dream remembrance.

  2. During sleep, there is lucid dreaming. A lucid dream is when one is conscious within what appears to be a surrounding dream world, and in that dream world one can freely move about. As is discussed in chapter 5, lucid dreams are out-of-body experiences.

  3. During sleep, there is an onset of consciousness and a direct perception of a nonphysical body. Often, this bion body, which is a body composed solely of bions, is either coming out of, or reentering, the physical body. This tangible, nonphysical body—which is capable of movement independent of the physical body—convinces those who experience it that they are truly exterior to the physical body.

  4. Something is felt in the body during the Om meditation. This may be a vibration, or a loss of sensation in the limbs, or a shrinking feeling.

Of these four effects, the first occurs upon waking from sleep, and the next two occur during sleep. If one is going to have unusual perceptions, the best time for them is when one is asleep. When asleep, the body has the lowest need for the services of the mind. If part of the mind were to wander off and leave the body alone, then hopefully the body will not miss it. However, regardless of whether one is asleep or not, the primary limitation for any out-of-body experience—and the primary limitation for its duration—is the extent to which the bions involved can neglect their cell-care duties.

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