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7 The Lamarckian Evolution of Organic Life

This chapter considers the evolution of organic life. The explanation for evolution offered by the computing-element reality model involves both Lamarckian evolution and a civilization of beings called Caretakers. The chapter sections are:

7.1 Evolution

With regard to organic life, evolution states that new organic life-forms are derived from older organic life-forms. Often this derivation involves an increase in complexity, but this is not a requirement of evolution.

The idea of evolution is very old. A theory of evolution, such as Darwin’s theory, or Lamarck’s theory, offers an explanation of the mechanism of evolution.

In more general terms, evolution is a process by which something new is created by modifying something old. This kind of evolution is so common thruout human activity that one takes it for granted. Almost every modern man-made product is at least partly derived from knowledge that was previously developed and used to make one or more preexisting products. For example, if a group of engineers is asked to design a new car, they do not throw out everything known about cars and reinvent the wheel.

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