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8 Caretaker Activity

This chapter briefly surveys what is known about UFOs, by describing the UFO and the UFO occupants. After the survey, an evaluation of the evidence concludes that the UFO occupants are the Caretakers. The possibility of interstellar travel by the Caretakers, and their involvement with miracles, are also considered. The chapter sections are:

8.1 The UFO

Starting with the flood of American UFO reports that occurred in 1947,[81] the US Air Force established an official investigation in September 1947, which existed under different names until December 1969 when it was closed. For most of its life the investigation was lightly staffed and had a policy of debunking and dismissing each one of the thousands of UFO reports that accumulated in its files.

An astronomy professor, J. Allen Hynek, was a consultant to the investigation from 1952 to 1966. However, he quit in disgust after being subjected to public ridicule for his infamous “swamp gas” explanation of the March 21, 1966, UFO sighting on the Hillsdale College campus in Michigan:[82] On the night of March 21, a civil-defense director, a college dean, and eighty-seven students, witnessed the wild maneuvers of a car-sized football-shaped UFO. Keith Thompson, in his book Angels and Aliens, summarizes: “The curtain came down on this four-hour performance when the mysterious object maneuvered over a swamp near the Hillsdale College campus.”[83]

Although initially disbelieving, Hynek underwent a conversion during the 1960s as he was overcome by the weight of evidential UFO reports.[84] He had personally investigated many of these reports by interviewing UFO witnesses as part of his role with the Air Force as a UFO debunker. In a 1975 conference paper, quoted by Leonard Stringfield in his book Situation Red, Hynek summarized his position as follows:

If you object, I ask you to explain—quantitatively, not qualitatively—the reported phenomena of materialization and dematerialization, of shape changes, of the noiseless hovering in the earth’s gravitational field, accelerations that—for an appreciable mass—require energy sources far beyond present capabilities—even theoretical capabilities—the well-known and often reported E-M effects, the psychic effects on percipients, including purported telepathic communications, the preferential occurrence of UFO experiences to the “repeaters”—those who are reported to have so many more UFO sightings that it outrages the noble art of statistics.[85]

The statement about materialization and dematerialization refers to reports where the UFO becomes visible or invisible while being stationary.[86] The statement about shape changes refers to reports where a UFO undergoes a major change in its apparent shape—such as when two smaller UFOs join to form a single larger UFO. The statement about E-M effects refers to electromagnetic effects, such as the bright lights and light beams that often emanate from UFOs. Also, there is the effect that UFOs can have on electrical machinery. For example, a UFO in proximity to a car typically stops that car’s engine.

UFO sightings are not evenly distributed over time. Instead, the sightings tend to clump together in what are called waves. During a UFO wave, the number of reported sightings is much higher than normal. Waves are typically confined geographically. For example, France experienced a large wave in 1954, which included landings and observed occupants. Sweden and Finland experienced a wave beginning in 1946 and lasting till 1948. In that wave, the UFOs were cigar-shaped objects which were termed at the time ghost rockets. More recent was the wave in Belgium that began in November 1989 and lasted thru March 1990. The American waves include those of 1897, 1947, 1952, 1957, 1966, and 1973. Computer scientist Jacques Vallee, in his book Anatomy of a Phenomenon, summarizes some earlier sightings:

Their attention, for example, should be directed to the ship that was seen speeding across the sky, at night, in Scotland in A.D. 60. In 763, while King Domnall Mac Murchada attended the fair at Teltown, in Meath County, ships were also seen in the air. In 916, in Hungary, spherical objects shining like stars, bright and polished, were reported going to and fro in the sky. Somewhere at sea, on July 29 or 30 of the year 966, a luminous vertical cylinder was seen.... In Japan, on August 23, 1015, two objects were seen giving birth to small luminous spheres. At Cairo in August 1027, numerous noisy objects were reported. A large silvery disk is said to have come close to the ground in Japan on August 12, 1133.[87]

There is no standard size, shape, or coloring of UFOs. Reported sizes, as measured along the widest dimension, have ranged from less than a meter to more than a thousand meters.[88] However, most reported UFOs whose size was observed from the ground at close range were roughly between a small car and a large truck in size. In modern times, most UFOs have resembled spheres, cylinders, saucers, or triangles with rounded angles. Sometimes the observed UFO has a distinct dome, and sometimes the UFO has what appear to be windows or portholes.

When viewed as solid objects, UFOs often have a shiny metallic finish, although dark colors are also sometimes reported. When viewed as lights, or as flashing lights on a UFO body, typical colors seem to be white and red, with other colors, such as yellow, blue, and green, reported less frequently.


[81] The Roswell hoax—the alleged crash of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico, and the subsequent recovery and dissection by the US military of several dead alien crash victims—dates to an event in July 1947: Debris from a crashed balloon (the balloon was part of a secret project by the US military named Project Mogul) was misidentified by an Army Air Force intelligence officer who knew nothing of the secret project as the remains of a crashed saucer (apparently because of the very recent and widespread US news coverage about “flying saucers”). This misidentification was reported in the local Roswell newspaper and then reported across the US. But within a few days the US military retracted the story as a misidentification of debris that belonged to a weather balloon (Project Mogul was a military secret and not declassified and made public until 1994, so a more accurate and detailed explanation was not forthcoming).

Although the Roswell event dates to 1947, the Roswell myth did not grow large until the 1980s and 1990s, when many books were written on the subject. As researcher Kal Korff says, “The Roswell ‘UFO crash’ of 1947 is not the only case in UFO history to be blown out of proportion, nor is it going to be the last. ... Let’s not pull punches here: The Roswell UFO myth has been very good business for UFO groups, publishers, for Hollywood, the town of Roswell, the media, and UFOlogy.” (Korff, Kal. The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don’t Want You to Know. Prometheus Books, Amherst NY, 1997. pp. 217–218).

Although money is an important factor in explaining the peddling of the Roswell myth as factual, there is perhaps a bigger reason that explains why there was a demand for this myth: The mathematics-only reality model does not allow UFOs and their occupants—if they are real—to be something that the mathematics-only reality model cannot explain. But the commonly reported characteristics of the occupants—for example, their widely reported use of telepathy—cannot be explained by the mathematics-only reality model. Thus, because the mathematics-only reality model is the dominant reality model of the 20th century, and many people believe this model, this belief creates a potential paying public for false UFO stories—such as Roswell—to counteract and contradict the UFO evidence that undermines the mathematics-only reality model. Thus, the creation and consequent peddling of both the Roswell myth and similar crash-and-recovery myths; the ultimate purpose of which is to place the aliens on the dissection table, so as to expose them as physical, as the mathematics-only reality model requires.

[82] Thompson, Keith. Angels and Aliens. Addison-Wesley, New York, 1991. pp. 80–84.

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[86] Because UFOs have the ability to accelerate and decelerate so quickly—faster than the eye can follow—this ability is typically given as the explanation for the reports of materializing and dematerializing UFOs. And this is probably the correct explanation, assuming that the UFO involved is physical.

[87] Vallee, Jacques. Anatomy of a Phenomenon. Ace Books, New York, 1965. p. 21.

[88] Although typically classified in the UFO literature simply as UFOs—because they are seen as unidentified objects moving thru the sky—the smallest objects, typically seen as small balls of light less than a meter in size (and which are sometimes seen moving in formation, and are often seen moving to and from a larger UFO), are, apparently, individual intelligent-particle beings. For example: “Also common within abduction reports is the ball-of-light visitation. They have been dubbed ‘bedroom lights’ by UFO researchers. Sometimes the glowing ball will dissipate and disgorge an alien entity. At other times, the alien entity will dissipate and become a luminous ball. Again, with the feeling of deja vu, I too had an encounter with a small light hovering before my bed when I was a child.” (Fowler, Raymond. The Allagash Abductions. Wild Flower Press, Tigard OR, 1993. p. 197).

The “dissipation” that UFO researcher Raymond Fowler is referring to in the above quote is probably the reorganization of that being’s bion population, either to or from whatever shape that being assumes when it is about to interact with people. As with the bion bodies described in section 5.3, the being’s bions can potentially assume any collective shape by individually using the learned-program move statement to make changes in position relative to each other. Presumably, when moving at speed, the beings assume the undifferentiated shape of a ball, because that shape is more conducive for high-speed travel. In either case, whether the being appears as a ball or in some alien form, and whether the being is flying thru the air or moving about on the ground, its motive power is the learned-program move statement, used by that being’s intelligent particles. By using the move statement synchronously, to move together, the intelligent particles that compose that being—whether that being is in a ball shape or an alien shape—can move about in a coordinated manner, maintaining the appearance of being connected.

The question arises as to why the beings are appearing as a ball of light, instead of simply remaining invisible. The production of visible light, if wanted, could be accomplished by the learned-program move statement: for example, by ionizing molecules in the surrounding air, in such a way as to cause the emission of visible light. The reason the beings may want to be lighted when they travel as a ball, could be the same reason that their vehicle is often lighted. In general, when the beings are closely interacting with p-common particles, they themselves, apparently, can see by means of visible light (they would have a learned program for this). Thus, when they move as a ball to and from their ship, being visibly lighted may be done so that their progress can be tracked visually by any of their fellow beings who are currently seeing by means of visible light.

As explained above, the small balls of light are the beings themselves. However, the larger UFOs, from car-size on up, are, apparently, the actual physical vehicles used by these beings to transport various p-common objects—such as p-common computers and recording devices—used by their civilization.

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